The brand Cartone is a novelty on our market.We are a direct producer of unique modern furniture

and accessories made of corrugated cardboard.The products we offer are original, distinctive and

innovative in their design.We develop and produce all of our goods ourselves using the latest

electronic software and specialist cutting equipment.



Thank you for visiting our exhibition at Tendence Fair in Frankfurt!

We are pleased to inform you that our four products: a table, a chair, a stool

and a mirror have received Certificates FORM 2018 of the German Crafts Association.



Our offer includes many types of lamps and lampshades. Cardboard can create wonderful light effects due to its properties and structure, especially ...


Unlikely as it may seem, cardboard furniture is surprisingly durable and practical. The specially designed shapes not only improve the aesthetic qualities of ... 

For cats

We all love cats as well as design. Ever since, we have craeted an exceptional line of cardboard cat products,which include beds, hide away cat...


Cardboard stands, counter displays and racks can be useful in almost any branch of business. This includes promotion at fairs, displays in shops ...

For the office

Every desk needs organisers and stationery stand. The number of our designs of them is almost unlimited. Our partition walls which can be ...


We all love to decorate our homes and offices. So why not to bring some warmth into your interior by adding a cardboard hedgehog, cactus or a flower pot ...