Cardboard stands, counter displays and racks can be useful in almost any branch of business.
This includes promotion at fairs, displays in shops, counters in shopping centres and office buildings.
Our innovative forms of presenting goods attract the attention of customers and stand out among conventional displays.


wine rack

item WIN01
width 300 mm
height 360 mm
depth 300 mm
weight 3,5 kg

wine rack

item WIN02
width 385 mm
height 460 mm
depth 385 mm
weight 2,7 kg

for jewelry

item JEW01
width 305 mm
height 310 mm
depth 230 mm
weight 0,4 kg

for papers

item NWS01
width 370 mm
height 480 mm
depth 290 mm
weight 1,3 kg



for leaflets


item TUR01
width 360 mm
height 200 mm
depth 320 mm
weight 0,8 kg

pen holder


item PEN01
width 145mm
height 120 mm
depth 145mm
weight 0,1 kg

for phone

cardboard, mirror finish

item PHN01
width 160 mm
height 90 mm
depth 60mm
weight 0,1 kg

wine box


item WIN03
width 120 mm
height 350 mm
depth 100 mm
weight 0,3 kg




wine rack

plywood. laser engraving

item TRU01
width 320 mm
height 110 mm
depth 70 mm
weight 0,2 kg